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" 7 Steps is a must read for all of our young men and women. It lays out a clear path for success and provides guidance on difficult decisions. As a former major league baseball player, I witnessed many great athletes that would have benefited tremendously from 7 Steps."
Rick Ankiel

St. Louis Cardinals

"7 Steps of Success is a concise guide that speaks directly to the youths day to day issues and how to be successful regardless of where you come from, ...and what you are going through. A must read for anyone who wants the guidance needed to overcome life and succeed anyway."
LaVonne Idlette
Olympian, Serial Entrepreneur

"As the CEO of a successful and growing healthy restaurant business, we inspire to have strong character and values from our team members. 7 Steps provides a clear and direct path for young adults to succeed in their respective endeavors...a must read for all our team members."

Chris Gannon
CEO Bolay Restaurants 

"Buck knows what it takes to be successful... He also has extensive experience conveying his recipe for success through his many years of leadership of Student ACES.  The evidence is in the vast number of young leaders he has cultivated.

   ...ideal author for a book on this topic!"
Dr. Jennifer Sinclair Curtis
Dean of College - Engineering,
UC Davis

"7 Steps To Success
provides a clear roadmap to young adults and young professionals in all walks of life to pursue and achieve a successful future. This book is a must read for those that aspire to greatness.

Syd Kitson

CEO of Babcock Ranch

"All of  his books, are designed to provide detailed road maps of how to learn, live, and practice the values so essential to a successful and wonderful life. He teaches students how to overcome adversity, and become leaders to train others. 

Buck is the real deal."
Lieutenant General (retired)

Robert Chelberg

“Unfortunately, many, who are trying to climb the ladder of success, realize too late that they’ve leaned their ladder up against the wrong building. 7 Steps for Success not only gives you the “how to’s” to succeed, it also points you toward the right building on which to lean your ladder.”
George McGovern

Chaplain of the New York Yankees

"His 7 Steps for Success emphasizes the importance of the hard work, determination, and motivation necessary to achieve goals.  Buck Martinez offers meaningful and insightful advice and encourages us to define our skills, enhance our values, and promote good decisions."
     David Pugh

Principal of Christopher Columbus HS

"I have the opportunity to witness so many young men and women who with the proper guidance could have identified and chosen the right path. 7 Steps for Success provides clear guidance and direction. I
encourage everyone to read this book."
Angela Avery-Moore

Instructional Superintendent

Palm Beach County

"7 Steps for Success provides outstanding counsel for aspiring to greatness and following a pathway for success.

We are very excited to partner with Buck to continue our mission to educate Leaders for Life at Saint Thomas University."
David Armstrong

President of St. Thomas University

"As a captain and Hall of Famer at the collegiate and professional level, I understand what it takes to achieve success. I am thrilled that Buck has

captured many of the principles that I followed in his new book 7 Steps.., I highly recommend this for all future leaders"

Dwight Stephenson

 President of  D Stephenson Construction

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