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Products & Services


  • Customized personal plans

  • Executive coaching

  • Life coaching

  • On line workshops tailored to organization’s needs

  • Team building tailored to driving results

  • Leadership training

  • One on one consulting

  • Organization Consulting focused on improved results

  • Leadership and Character Education books authored by Buck:

         - Building blocks of leadership

         - Straight talk

         - Man Up

         -  7 Steps to Success

Audience Clapping



  • Help you build confidence to effectively work through your all of your interactions

  • Develop a personal plan to deliver your desired results 

  • Develop a roadmap for personal success

  • Enable you to aspire to greatness

  • Motivate you to be the best that you can be

  • Provides you the tools to command respect and earn trust

  • Develop a game-plan based on a winning and contagious attitude

  • Develop the self-confidence to manage interactions and business and personal relationships

  • Enable you to become a leader in your personal and professional life


Client Commitment

All your interactions will be handled in a confidential manner and any material that is produced will be proprietary to the client. 

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