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Executive Leadership Training

Through ACE Leadership Group, Student ACES offers leadership and values workshops for corporation and business teams. If you are interested in bringing the ACE leadership curriculum and workshops to your company please contact Buck Martinez at

All trainings and workshops can be customized to the needs of the particular workplace team. Training topics include workplace culture, teamwork, trust, respect and more.


Student ACES and ACE Leadership Group have developed values-based character education curriculum in-house.

All curriculum is written by ACE Co-Founder Buck Martinez.


The curriculum is based on the Student ACES values:

  • Command Respect

  • Earn the Trust of Others

  • Lead Through you Actions

  • Demonstrate Ethical Behavior and Stand up for what is right

  • Possess a Work Ethic that is Second to None

  • Show Humility and Integrity

  • Support your fellow Student ACES


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