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About Us

ACE Leadership Group is dedicated to inspiring and developing men and women to achieve their highest potential. Led by President J.L. “Buck” Martinez, ACE Leadership Group focuses on developing the character, honor and integrity of his clients.

Mr. Martinez is passionate about working with organizations to develop their executive team. He serves as life coach and executive coach to individuals in many different roles from corporate executives to professional athletes.

Throughout his thirty plus years as an executive in the energy industry, Mr. Martinez helped mentor numerous employees and served on multiple boards throughout the state. He also serves as President and Co-Founder of a not for profit organization, Student ACES, dedicated to working with student athletes on leadership and values. Buck is passionate about investing in our youth and works countless hours serving in the capacity of teacher, mentor and coach.

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" Buck has a deep commitment to driving his clients to personal success..."

" As an experienced business executive, Buck understands how to motivate others to achieve their desired results..."

" Buck focuses on the the wholeness of the person; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual..."

" As a effective negotiator, Buck will help you develop the tools to effectively manage day to day interactions..."

" Buck is passionate about getting individuals to realize their potential..."

" Buck is masterful at pushing you to identify the leadership style and traits that optimize your potential..."

" Buck has a proven track record of delivering results..."

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